Single DNS Configuration


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Single DNS configuration enables to allocate two or more DNS servers on one physical box. In this mode, H-Sphere emulates full-featured DNS configuration where each DNS server has its own bound IP. This allows customers with a single box installation to use services, such as OpenSRS domain registration, that require at least two DNS servers.

To put an extra DNS server to single DNS configuration, go through the following steps:

  1. Bind the new DNS server IP on the physical box.
  2. Add this new IP to the listen-on section of the named configuration file (/etc/named.conf for Linux, /etc/namedb/named.conf for FreeBSD):
    options {
    listen-on { ...
    new-IP; ... };

    Read more about DNS configuration here.
  3. Copy the three scripts from the /hsphere/shared/scripts/SingleDNS/ directory into the /hsphere/shared/scripts/ directory replacing the existing scripts. cd /hsphere/shared/scripts/SingleDNS/
    cp * ../
    cd ..
  4. Run the script to set correct permissions to H-Sphere scripts:
  5. Add the new DNS logical server.
  6. In DNS manager, add custom A record with the new DNS logical server.
  7. Log in as cpanel user and run DNSCreator:
    su -l cpanel
    java -m rand

    Read more on DNSCreator options.

Related Docs:   Adding DNS Servers

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