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  H-Sphere 2.4.2 Beta 1    (Upgrade) |

Main Features:

- Mail SSL
- Autoresponder enhanced with attachments and enabling/disabling the original message
- Added native language support in the autoresponder message
- Added limit for simultaneous SMTP connections from the same IP in the mail settings menu
- Implemented possibility to block IPs in the mail server settings
- Registrar log report
- Implemented new Custom Emails scheme
- Added Date and Time patterns text on the Regional Options page
- Added framework for async. TLD registration
- Added support for .co.uk, .ca & .de domain registration for OpenSRS
- Improved accounting process to involve only accounts to be billed
- Added syslog facility for rblsmtpd (a tool for remote black lists) to write output to syslog rather than the screen
- Introduced an ability to allow/prohibit getting server info for a particular physical server
- Introduced a utility to transfer DNS to MyDNS servers
- Added possibility to turn mail relay on/off for systems with Iris.
- Added context help for clamglobal, spamglobal, helodnscheck, splithorizon and fixed for userchk qmail parameters
- Added framework for registrar domain transfers (implemented for OpenSRS only).
- CC list for custom e-mails changed to BCC.
- Added context help for antivirus user preferences and corrected context help for antispam user preferences.

Mail bugfixes

- Removed hostname from the virus notification message
- Fixed problem with non-local domains for mail relay servers
- Fixed CatchAll resource issues: added antivirus and antispam check and added real user check in case with multiple recipients

CP Interface Improvements

- Renamed the following resources: "Account" into "CP Account", and "Unixuser" into "Web Server User"
- Fixed context help in reseller plan wizards
- Corrected context help for the "Account" resource to use the "CP Account" name instead of "Actual Account"
- Changed order of items in the Settings menu and added asynchronous registrar labels to the list of customer notifications

Other bugfixes:

- Fixed hint messages for the "Add antivirus to all maildomain mailresources/all maildomain mailboxes" icons.
- Removed restriction on the mailforward subscribers list length.
- Implemented ability to remove antispam and antivirus resources with empty value of local.
- Implemented support of binary data parameters when executing Unix physical scripts
- Changed the way TAGS are selected for merging XML files to allow merging ANY known H-Sphere XML file.
- Fixed the issue with the message from opensrs not being read completely, resulting in broken XML.
- Fixed unknown reseller exception when running escalation cron
- Fixed problems with the parked domains mail traffic not being processed.
- Removed redundant debug messages upon getting DB connection.
- Fixed 'total amount' calculation on the bill display page for suspended accounts
- Fixed NPE in case when no CC recipients are set.
- Fixed Summary Disk Usage problem when usage data was displayed instead of the last day usage data
- Fixed problem with uploading 'Knowledge Base'
- Fixed problem with incorrect saving of antispam/antivirus preferences
- Fixed problem with the "Select All Tickets" checkbox in some web browsers in the H-Sphere TT System

H-Sphere Installation Updated Packages:

- hsphere-imap-3.0.7-2
- hsphere-mail2-all-9
- webshell4.2.2
- perl-Authen-PAM-0.14-1 added to support webshell4.2.2
- phpMyAdmin-2.6.0-pl2

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