H-Sphere Linux/FreeBSD Packages Bind Updates

Starting with version 2.5, H-Sphere supports 9.3 Bind package version only.


hsphere-bind-9.3.3b1-0 (for HS 2.4.3+), hsphere-bind-9.3.3b1-1 (for HS 2.5+)

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Bind updated to version 9.3.3b1
  • Directory /hsphere/local/run removed from the package
  • Security hole fixed


hsphere-bind-9.3.2-0 (for HS 2.4.3), hsphere-bind-9.3.2-1 (for HS 2.5)

This package contains Bind updated to version 9.3.2 and a security hole fixed



Improvement: removed the 10.* subnet from the /hsphere/local/var/named/local/blackhole.conf file. This is important for H-Sphere clusters that work with NAT, or for load balancing where this subnet is used.



Improvements and Fixes:

  • blocked sending notifications on changing slave zone to master server
  • added multilog logging
  • now the named.conf file is formed on the fly by a post-install script
  • added a set of additional directives in named.conf file:
    • directive include local/custom.conf
    • blackhole directive in the Options section
    • audit logging in the Logging section
  • included the latest named.root file in the package

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