Upgrading H-Sphere to 2.4 Final


This document explains how to upgrade H-Sphere from 2.3.1 Patch 9, any of 2.3.2 versions, earlier 2.4 betas and 2.4 RCs to 2.4 Final. If your H-Sphere is lower than 2.3.1 Patch 9, please update to this version first.

This new version incorporates a great number of new features, like packaging, AntiSpam and AntiVirus filtering that were included into previous 2.4 versions.


  • Don't forget to upgrade Winbox to 2.4 Final if you have an older version.
  • The upgrade won't work without a valid H-Sphere license to cover all accounts in the system.
  • H-Sphere currently supports only the following operation systems:
    Linux RedHat (7.2, 7.3, RHES 2.1, RHWS 2.1, RHAS 2.1, RHWS3, RHES3, RHAS3), CentOS 3.1, and FreeBSD (4.7 - 4.9)
  • For correct performance of WebShell4, you need 1.3.29 apache update.
  • If you have custom templates, you'll have to update them according to the new requirements.


  1. Make sure to have H-Sphere 2.3.1 Patch 9 or an earlier 2.4 beta installed:
    # cat ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/hsphere.properties | grep HS_VERSION
  2. Download 2.4 Final installation package from the Positive Software site:
    Make sure the target directory doesn't contain any other U24.0 file!
  3. Make sure that permissions to /usr/bin/wget are set to 0755 during the installation.
  4. Stop H-Sphere using one of the following commands:
    # /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpdcp stop
    # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/apachecp.sh stop

    To stop SiteStudio, stop Imaker by running:
    # kill -9 `ps -axw|grep imaker.sh |grep -v grep|awk '{print $1}'`
    # kill -9 `ps -axw|grep ImageMaker|grep -v grep|awk '{print $1}'`

  5. Run the update script:
    # sh ./U24.0
    You will see a help window with a prompt to enter update options.
    • To update H-Sphere to version 2.4 Final and Site Studio to version 1.6 RC 3, enter:
    • To update only H-Sphere to version 2.4 Final, enter:
    • To update only Site Studio to 1.6 RC 3, enter:
      Important: To work with H-Sphere 2.4 Final upgraded from version 2.3, Site Studio must be updated to 1.6 RC 3
    After the installation, you'll be able to add more servers or services to the cluster by following the Adding Servers and Adding Services manuals.
  6. If your system database holds data in international encoding format, update it to UTF-8.
  7. Upgrade your Winbox to 2.4 Final.
  8. Start H-Sphere CP:
    # /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpdcp start
    # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/apachecp.sh start
  9. Start ImageMaker:
    # /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/imaker.sh >& /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/var/error_log 2>&1 &
    # /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/imaker.sh >& /hsphere/shared/SiteStudio/var/error_log &
  10. Check the version of H-Sphere:
    # cat ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/hsphere.properties | grep HS_VERSION

    You will see a line similar to this:
    2.4.0 is the version of H-Sphere,
    424 is H-Sphere build,
    You can have a later build of version 2.4.0.

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