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New Features in H-Sphere 2.4

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Merchant Gateways and Web Payment Systems:
- Credit Card CVV check for MainStreetSoftWorks, PayMeNow, Protx, and Tucows;
- Use of real unique transaction IDs in the console merchant gateway test utility;
- Deprecation flag added for deprecated merchant gateways.

Mail System:
- Redesigned mail system;
- Spam and virus filtering;
- Per User antispam/antivirus settings management;
- Antispam/antivirus support for mail domain aliases added;
- Mail server relays;
- CP mail swap provided to save CP emails unsent before restart;
- Checking if recipient's mail resource (e.g: mailbox, forward, mailbox alias) exists performed during SMTP session;
- Avoiding DNS check of the local mail domains with mfdnschek is switched on;
- Andre Oppermann's ext-todo patch solving 'silly qmail syndrome' of spending more time processing incoming email than scheduling deliveries;

Domain Registration:
- Asynchronous Domain Registration;
- Domain can be marked as "expired" in domain registration info;
- System e-mail notification on domain registration renewal;

- Additional sanity checks on logical servers using the same IP;
- Possibility to delete PGSQL, MySQL, and MSSQL logical servers when databases or users don't exist;
- Additional check of existing service IP when reseller's server alias is created;
- Added On/Off icons next to logical server names in the list of logical servers;
- Physical servers with unavailable info are marked with "!".

- A servlet to test AXIS services;
- PGP and Migration services as parts of H-Sphere CP;

Simplified Billing:
- Changing account's plan;
- Traffic;
- Disk space;

Billing Enhancements:
- Promo Codes;

Core System Features:
- Support for RedHat Advanced Server 3 and CentOS 3.1;
- Control Panel based on Tomcat servlet engine instead of Apache JServ;
- UTF-8 support in the H-Sphere system database;

- Language Bundles;
- Customer notifications editable from the control panel;
- XML Merger to make changes in XMLs.

Integrated Software:
- Awstats 6.0 support;
- SiteStudio 1.6 RC3;
- WebShell4.0;

Windows Features and Improvements:
- Broader abilities to configure custom error pages for Windows accounts;
- Connection to Windows server using SOAP protocol via TCP;
- New statistic model for IIS based on the IIS custom logging modules:
     1. Statistics collecting on the fly;
     2. HTTP logs rotating once a day;
     3. Compression of old HTTP logs;
     4. Webalizer launching once a day.

Other Features:
- New XPressia and XPressia Lite interface design;
- VPS plan wizard added to the list of plan wizards;
- Ability to pause, stop and start Cron Jobs via web interface;
- Stability improvements in H-Sphere script-runner including better support for FreeBSD 4.9;
- Improved work with a pool of SSH connections when interacting with Unix boxes;
- MSSQLManager added to recreation type list;
- Support for Portuguese language added.

New features and bugfixes in earlier versions
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