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Admin Plans


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This document explains how to create and edit admin plans. Administrator plan wizards allow creating Tech Support, Billing and other admin plans.

Creating Admin Plans

To create an admin plan:

  1. Go to Plan Creation Wizards in the INFO menu.
  2. Select Administrator plan wizard. Allow admins to do the following:

    Plan name: enter admin plan name.
    Signup Admin: sign up new users.
    Compatible Plan Groups: arrange compatible plans in groups.

    Login as user: log into users' accounts.
    TroubleTicket Admin: answer users' trouble tickets.
    Allow to assign trouble tickets: assign users' trouble tickets to other tech support members.
    Account Preview: view users' contact and billing info and other account details.

    Merchant Gateway Manager: configure merchant gateways.
    Admin Billing Manager: administer users' billing: debit and credit users' accounts, view reports.
    Daily Financial Report: create daily user reports.

    Domain Registrar Manager: set connection and prices for Enom&OpenSRS domain registrars.
    Miva Merchant License Manager: add Miva Merchant licenses.
    Urchin License Manager: add Urchin licenses.
    Kanoodle Manager: sign up as a Kanoodle.com Referral Partner from H-Sphere.
    Site Toolbox: configure and enable Site Toolbox utility.
    SpamAssassin Manager: configure SpamAssassin.

    Admin DNS manager: manage DNS settings.
    Enterprise Manager: manage logical and physical servers.
    Recreation Tool: recreate user resources.
    Shell Requests Manager: acknowledge users' shell access requests.
  3. Click Next to complete plan creation.
  4. Once the plan is created, turn this plan ON in the Signup Access section on the plans page in order to allow signups .

Use this plan to create administrative plans for all purposes.

Editing Admin Plans

To edit admin plan:

  1. Go to the Plans page and select necessary plan.
  2. On the Plan Edit Wizard, make necessary changes by checking/uncheking resources.
  3. Click Next to confirm changes.

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